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27 Sep These are all available on youtube. If you like comedy, this is a who’s who of comedic genius. My advice, listen to Marc Maron’s podcast and then watch the series. It only heightens the experience. Plus, Katz and Benjamin’s chemistry is a sight to behold. OK, enough with the idioms, do it up. 
4 Sep Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have just announced that they will be releasing two previously unreleased songs, as featured on the soundtrack to Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s feature on the band, 20,000 Days On Earth. Listen to ‘Give Us A Kiss’ above and ‘Jubilee Street’, a live version as performed at the Sydney Opera House and a free download to boot, below. They’re out on download on September 4 and on a limited edition 10” on November 10.
Say Forsyth and Pollard: “‘Jubilee Street’ forced its way into our film. We’d planned to end with ‘Push The Sky Away’ and its pertinent lyrics about rock ‘n’ roll getting you right down to your soul; but after the band played ‘Jubilee Street’ at Sydney Opera House we didn’t stand a chance. Only four songs in and there was Nick, transforming in front of us. Our lives haven’t been the same since.”
27 Aug
27 Aug
24 Aug Really great stuff!
17 Aug I’m reading Sylvie Simmon’s Biography of Leonard Cohen and I must say that this image encompasses his life perfectly. Little Leonard hiding in the corner, and quietly taking in the scene while women fill up his world. I see Joan Baez in the center and Joni Mitchell to the far left. 
17 Aug
12 Aug Yukio Mishima posing as Saint Sebastian. The Christian Saint and an icon of the homosexual community. 
12 Aug This is easily the best Leonard Cohen biography. 500+ pages of drugs, sex, and religion. If your a Leonard Cohen fan, get on this shit. 
11 Aug R.I.P.