plain drunkenness
17 Aug I’m reading Sylvie Simmon’s Biography of Leonard Cohen and I must say that this image encompasses his life perfectly. Little Leonard hiding in the corner, and quietly taking in the scene while women fill up his world. I see Joan Baez in the center and Joni Mitchell to the far left. 
17 Aug
12 Aug Yukio Mishima posing as Saint Sebastian. The Christian Saint and an icon of the homosexual community. 
12 Aug This is easily the best Leonard Cohen biography. 500+ pages of drugs, sex, and religion. If your a Leonard Cohen fan, get on this shit. 
11 Aug R.I.P.
10 Aug Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It is a 2014 Canadian mockumentary comedy/crime film directed by Mike Clattenburg, and based on the Canadian television series Trailer Park Boys.
8 Aug
8 Aug
5 Aug Watch Maron on IFC. It’s like Louie, minus all the Woody Allen. 
4 Aug
4 Aug
4 Aug"And besides, I don’t need any drug to step out of myself." — Werner Herzog
29 Jul